Water is the bridge of life

Water connects us with every facet of life on the earth, within one flowing enterprise. Without water cultures disappear, and civilizations die. If we begin to see that we are all water, then water will become the bridge that will reconnect us with all of life.

Reduces the plastic waste stream and landfill costs

Public access to clean, safe, free water

Outdoor and indoor bottle filling stations

Provides the user with a positive experience

An information platform on global water issues

Integrates a fragmented global water ecosystem

For anyone who is on the go

Allows scalability and feedback to drive development

Connection to a global movement

A health service by offering public hydration

Easy to locate in crowded settings

An innovative means for sponsorship

Reuse of bottles made from safe materials

Reduces the plastic waste stream and landfill costs

A people-centric system

Supports the local water infrastructure

Public access to an eco-friendly solution

A place to meet, interact, and dialogue

A symbol for water that is easy to use

Convenient to use during daily commutes

A city-wide effort to use resources wisely

Water flows into the bottle, not down the drain

A sustainable way to minimize the carbon footprint

An integrated system of products

TAP Founder


was founded by Daniel H. Whitman to provide people with a more innovative, and compelling way to connect with each other through easier access to clean, free drinking water. Daniel is honored to be the visionary behind GLOBALTAP, and will continue to further it's mission to make clean drinking water available to people around the world.


Daniel H Whitman
Founder and CEO


TAP Partners

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